Monday February 26th, 2024

Google Bard AI Can Now Watch & Summarise YouTube Videos For You

The new feature offers a practical way of picking up important information from YouTube videos.

NFTYScene Team

Ever needed to fix a weird software problem but all the tutorials on YouTube last four hours long? Google’s AI tool, Bard, has just received a new update that allows it to summarize YouTube videos for those who haven’t got the time to sit through all those hours of content.

It does so by analyzing individual videos to surface specific information for the user. One way it can be used is to create a legible recipe from a cooking video without the need to load the video once. But as much as the new feature aims to create progress, the update also raises concerns about whether YouTube videos - some of whose creators may spend days on end editing and making visually-stimulating material - will lose their engagement, which often depend on view counts.