Thursday November 30th, 2023

Meta Announces Quest 3 VR Headset for $499.99

The announcement was made just days before Apple announced their own mixed reality headset.

NFTYScene Team

The console wars are waging over virtual reality, and Meta just fired the first shot this year by officially announcing its Quest 3 VR headset. With a 128 GB option for $499.99 and an unspecified version with more bytes, the Quest 3 is 40% slimmer than its predecessor, Quest 2, and has twice the graphics performance with its new Snapdragon chip.

The announcement was made on Mark Zuckerberg's social media just days before Apple was set to announce its own mixed reality headset.

A slew of high profile games - many of which will be playable for Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro at the same time - was showcased on Meta's platform, including games based on Netflix's Stranger Things, the Ghostbusters franchise, and the Attack on Titan anime series (with all the vertigo-inducing grappling hook action your heart may desire). The Quest 3 will also be backwards-compatible with all the games in Quest 2's catalog.

Like the Quest 2, the Quest 3 will be a wire-free headset, although it will come with completely redesigned Touch Plus controllers.

Meta will continue to sell Quest 2 at a lower starting price, with the 128 GB model sold for $299.99 starting June 4th, and the 256 GB model for $349.99.