Thursday November 30th, 2023

DigiDaigaku NFT Collection Purchase $6.5M Super Bowl Ad Spot

Gaming company Limit Break had paid $6.5 million for a Super Bowl commercial spot. CEO Gabriel Leydon say they will use the advertisement to air a "Web3 experience."

NFTYScene Team

Gabriel Leydon announced via Twitter that his blockchain gaming company Limit Break had paid $6.5 million for a Super Bowl commercial spot. Leydon tweeted that the business would use the advertisement to air a "Web3 experience." Currently, Limit Break is keeping the details of that experience tightly under wraps.

Limit Break's advertisement will help fund its DigiDaigaku NFT project. That collection promotes Leydon's "free-to-own" Web3 philosophy. In accordance with that theory, Limit Break offered the initial NFTs from the DigiDaigaku collection as a free mint. The collection experienced a boom in August as with trading volume increased dramatically. It’s floor price currently sits at around $15K.

On Twitter, Leydon stated that he has "personally overseen" billions of dollars in marketing purchases, and that Super Bowl ads are the most effective because people talk about them for years. Leydon previously worked at Machine Zone, where he ran Super Bowl ads for Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike. Both had celebrities in them.

The Super Bowl commercial will feature One Hero NFT and One DigiDaigaku Genesis NFT. Limit Break will source them from the community through a contest, with more details forthcoming. Leydon added that Limit Break wanted the DigiDaigaku community to understand how much the company cares about it in his Twitter thread.

Limit Break has received $200 million in investment from Buckley Ventures, Paradigm, FTX, Coinbase Ventures, and others in August of 2022. Leydon says he plans to revolutionize Web3 gaming.