Monday February 26th, 2024

Tiny-Tap's 'Teach-To-Earn' Model Let's People Invest in Curriculums

Animoca Brands, in collaboration with TinyTap are tokenizing the education system.

NFTYScene Team

Animoca Brands, in collaboration with TinyTap, is bringing blockchain education to the masses. The resultant platform will tokenize the learning process. Supporters of a particular topic can endorse it on the platform. Not only this but the educators can also own their content and share it with students.

Students, on the other hand, will have lifetime access to high-quality education, learning, and training. Furthermore, the merger of TinyTap and Anomica Brands will provide students with access to over 200,000 educational games.

The platform offers a comprehensive curriculum for students aged 2 to 8; subjects available to educators include Math, Language Arts, Reading, Science, and Social Skills.

To receive rewards, platform users must connect their wallets. The three types of users can earn rewards in the following ways.

Supporters can purchase subject domains by endorsing a curriculum. They will profit from the advertising revenue generated by the content hosted on their domain. Furthermore, educators will create their own content and distribute it as NFT. On the subject domain, they can sell or host these NFTs. As a result, the educator will receive a direct stream of revenue.

Lastly, Students, have the option of storing their certifications on the blockchain. Youngsters can use this to earn access passes to additional content on the TinyTap platform.