Thursday November 30th, 2023

Humane's Revolutionary Mobile Device 'AI Pin' Goes on Sale

Priced at $699 with cellular service, the venture aims to make AI ubiquitous with its launch in 2024.

NFTYScene Team

Silicon Valley startup Humane has lifted the curtain on its mystery wearable object - the Ai Pin. An ambitious hands-free computer, the device uses projection to turn palms into virtual touchscreens while fielding smart assistant queries.

Available to buy at $699 with cellular service starting November 16th, the venture aims to make AI ubiquitous without depending on handheld devices that detach people from their surroundings. Founders of Humane - Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri, both of whom are Apple design veterans - hope to enhance real-world experiences through contextual awareness of technological applications.

Unlike augmented reality glasses’ unwieldy designs, the chest-worn Pin offers discreet notifications, photos and calls through lasers beaming onto skin. Transparency around data practices present privacy challenges however, as the ability of devices to constantly listen to their surroundings becomes regarded as a growing issue in technology.

With shipments slated to begin in 2024, industry insiders question the Pin's potential for broad acceptance beyond novelty status.