Thursday November 30th, 2023

Turbulence at OpenAI as CEO Sam Altman Ousted Amid Strategy Rifts

The leadership change comes amid reported tensions between Altman and the company's board of directors.

NFTYScene Team

Artificial intelligence research giant OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has parted ways with co-founder and CEO Sam Altman, and appointed Emmett Shear as interim CEO. Shear previously served as CEO of popular video game streaming platform Twitch, which was acquired by Amazon in 2014.

The leadership change comes amid reported tensions between Altman's vision for commercializing OpenAI's research and the priorities of the company's board of directors. Internal sources indicate Altman was pushing for structural governance changes, including a new independent board, which the current board resisted.

Following a brief two day venture by Mira Murati as interim CEO, Emmett Shear has taken the reins as the new interim CEO of OpenAI. However, the abrupt leadership change has caused unrest among some investors and employees who supported Altman's vision. Microsoft, a major OpenAI backer, has voiced disappointment with the outcomes of the situation, reportedly being “blindsided” by Altman’s sudden exit..

Earlier, OpenAI released the following statement: “We are grateful for Sam’s many contributions to the founding and growth of OpenAI. At the same time, we believe new leadership is necessary as we move forward.”